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The Gory Details

The Fun Hunt is a team race around Oxford that involves solving puzzles, looking for hidden symbols, and experiencing frustration. The object of the competition is to be the first team to arrive at the Fun Hunt party.

The 2022 Fun Hunt will be held on a Saturday in early June. Your team of 4-6 members will check-in at the east entrance of the TRI (6205 Fairfield Rd.) rain or shine. Each team will receive one large grocery bag containing the clue bags and the “dummy bags.”


What to bring

  • Reliable car or minivan with a full tank of gas
  • Pens or pencils
  • Paper
  • Fully charged cell phone
  • Flashlights
  • Alphabet numbered forward and backward
  • Water bottles
  • Bail money
  • Anxiety medicine of your choice

How to Play

  • The 2022 Fun Hunt Registration Form will appear on this site around late April, 2022. You will want to fill it out quickly and send a check for $25 per person on your team.
  • The race begins at the TRI when the first symbol is revealed. Look at the symbol, find the matching clue bag, open it, solve the puzzle, and proceed calmly to the designated location. Make sure to write the correct answer on at least one copy of the puzzle and place it back in the grocery bag.
  • At the location, shout your team number to the spotters, find the hidden plaque, memorize the symbol on it, return to your vehicle, and open the corresponding clue bag.
  • Continue through all locations until you end up at the fun hunt party. At this final site, quickly send a team member to the check-in table with all of the original contents of your grocery bag. Remember to write the answers on at least one copy of the puzzles.


  • The winner is the highest-ranking team that agrees to plan, organize, and conduct the 2020 Fun Hunt
  • The second-place team is the next highest-ranking team that agrees to assist the winning team in an agreed-upon manner, but specifically in soliciting prizes.


  • The top teams will receive an awesome prize!
  • Everyone will get a t-shirt and dinner when they reach the party.


  • All locations will be in the immediate Oxford area – all (or mostly all) within the city limits.
  • Plaques will be located on public, commercial, Miami University, or vacant property.

Plaques will be hidden with 75 feet of the front entrance or major identifying feature of a location. Keep in mind that plaques could be hidden inside or outside, in trees, in nearby cars, or anywhere in the 75-foot radius.

  • While looking for plaques, please don’t step on plants, press on windows, damage or move property, etc. Be courteous to our sponsors!
  • Symbols may be located on something other than a plaque.
  • Plaques must not be moved or touched.
  • Do not enter designated buildings, even if the door is open or unlocked. You do not need to be inside the building to locate and identify the plaque.


  • There will be at least one Dummy Bag. If the Dummy Bag(s) are opened, your team will receive a 20-minute penalty. So make sure the symbol you see on the plaque matches the symbol on the bag you open. In addition, if valid clue bags are left unopened, your team will receive a 20-minute penalty.
  • If you are stuck on a puzzle, you may call in for a hint, which will result in a 5-minute penalty. You may also call in for an answer, which will result in a 20-minute penalty.

Safety First

  • Speedy thinking, not speedy driving wins the Fun Hunt. Oxford and Miami University police will cooperate with us as long as we don’t break the laws. No open van doors or alcoholic beverages.
  • Any team that declines these responsibilities will receive the Last Place Award and will be publicly shamed at the party.

Complaints and Disputes

Write each complaint on a $50 bill and deliver it to the Fun Hunt organizers (it is recommended that you submit multiple complaint bills to ensure your issue is heard). All decisions of the Fun Hunt organizers are final.

Good Luck! Claim your place in history – the members of the first-place team will have their names proudly displayed on the Fun Hunt plaque! Enjoy the Fun Hunt – an Oxford tradition!

Oxford Fun Hunt