The Oxford Fun Hunt Plaques of (In)Famy

The Nobel Prize. The Pulitzer. An Academy award. The Grammy. These accomplishments are known around the world! They recognize the pinnacle of human achievement. Here, the best we could come up with is The Oxford Fun Hunt Plaque. It’s not Mount Rushmore, but it’s likely slightly better than your face on a wanted poster.

The venerable Oxford Fun Hunt plaque is actually THREE plaques, now! YOUR name and the names of several former friends belong on that third mostly empty, lonely plaque. You deserve to be immortalized (in a highly abbreviated form) on a 1-inch x 2-inch simulated brass nameplate.

“Hey”- you might say. I have lived in Oxford for (*insert number of decades here), and I have never seen those profoundly impressive wooden awards anywhere! “You would be correct”- I might say. That’s because these award plaques have been thrown out of more Oxford establishments than a drunken college student.

It was time to get the new metal plaque engraved with the winning 2018 team names. I went Uptown to where the plaques were prominently displayed in the main hallway of a public building, and they were gone. Turns out, they had been “relocated” to the floor of a nearby office.

The plaques are currently in an undisclosed “safe house” north of Oxford. We hope to locate a suitable new location to display these somewhere Uptown.

Winning Teams- 1973 to 1990

Winning Teams- 1991 to 2017

Winning Teams- 2018 to 2044